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Birthday Party To-Go Kit Package

$25.00 deposit plus the cost of pieces painted: 

  • This deposit is nonrefundable; the funds go to reserving the pottery items, the supplies for the party, and a hand-painted custom birthday party plate made by our best artists.

  • No Minimum or Maximum Number of Participants

  • Birthday party to-go kits include:

    • Brushes, paints, and all pottery pieces.

    • A birthday plate designed especially for the birthday guest. The plate will have fingerprints around the back from each guest in attendance. 

  • Birthday hosts will pick out the pieces of your choosing. Pieces begin at $12 (animal figurines, mermaids, cars, etc.)

    • Feel free to come in prior to the date of your party to browse our inventory and get an idea of a price point that works for you!​

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