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Birthday Parties

$50.00 deposit plus the cost of pieces painted: 

  • This deposit is nonrefundable; the funds go to reserving the table, the supplies laid out for the party, balloons, and decor, an employee to help you navigate the event, AND a hand-painted custom birthday party plate made by our best artists.

  • Max 15 kids

  • Birthday parties are 1.5 hours and include:

    • Placemats, palettes, bowls, brushes, paints, and 2 balloons.

    • An additional table to hold food, cake, and presents.

    • An employee as your designated party assistant. 

    • A birthday plate designed especially for the birthday guest. The plate will have fingerprints around the back from each guest in attendance. 

  • Birthday guests will pick out their pieces from a predetermined price point of your choosing. Pieces begin at $12 (animal figurines, mermaids, cars, etc.)

    • Feel free to come in prior to the date of your party to browse our inventory and get an idea of a price point that works for you!​

  • You are more than welcome to bring decorations, cake, or other food. We always paint before we eat to ensure grease does not make its way on to ceramics. Please bring your own cake knife and lighter!

  • Because of COVID19, we ask the parents of the painting guests (with permission of the party host) to drop their children off for the party and pick them up after the party is over. This is to help our occupancy stay regulated for other painting customers who are not in for the party come in and paint.

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